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Kitchen's Crane & Equipment is a leading source for Cranes, Strand Jacks, Power-Slide Systems, Hydraulic Gantries, Hydraulic Platform Trailers, Rigger's Lifts, Rigging Equipment & Supplies in the U.S. and International marketplace.  We RENT all this equipment as well as specialty RIGGING supplies! 2019 Fleet - Update that we have just received a list of Goldhofer SPMT and modular lines to be sold outside the USA.  We have availability of hydraulic platform trailers with 36 mton capacity per axle-line some of which are available from stock of year 1997 - 2002. . Also note our used platform trailer page here. We also have 800 ton strand jacks available immediately for rental or purchase, pending prior sale. We have used hydraulic Gantries from 100 - 1000 mton capacity which could be available immediately. Slide systems are available from 200 - 500 ton capacity and we will have a couple of used 15 - 40 ton Versalifts available for rental projects.  Contact us so that we can assist with your equipment needs. EK


Happy New Year! -

Stay tuned for some exciting equipment coming for sale in the near future.  Kitchen's Crane will be offering specialty tools and equipment  through our Engineered Rigging company as well as brokering some specialty heavy lift and transport gear.  Also contact us with opportunities to Auction your excess cranes and equipment through our newly organized company "Kitchen & Motley"!  This will be exciting to use our specialty experience and knowledge to assist our friends and clients with auction services.  Call Eddy at 1-804-814-4844 to learn more.

Heavy-Lift & Transport Auction -

**BIGGE AUCTION INFO** - Kitchen's Crane & Equipment and Motleys Industrial present

The World's LARGEST Heavy-Lift & Transport Equipment Auction!

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Goldhofer Modular Trailers for Sale -

Looking to sell used Goldhofer THP-SL Trailers outside the USA market. 10-line, 12-line, 16-line and 20-line modular configurations available immediately!  Years 1997-2002 available.  Contact: